has been nominated for the Asian Television Awards 2022 following the Content Asia Awards 2022!

 Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV) are pleased to report that our game show format, that combines Werewolf with a quiz show into something never seen before, has been nominated as a finalist of “Asian Television Awards 2022”.

 Produced by YTV on July 10, 2021, for international sales, the eight episode show maintained good ratings despite being aired in a late-night slot.

 “PLAY INNOCENT” is a high-spirited game show that mixes quizzes and relationships between participants. Four players are given various questions, and they must discuss with each other to reach an unanimous answer. However, there is a werewolf “X” among them. This person knows all the answers but must conceal their identity while leading the others to the wrong answers. Can the innocents win despite X's deception? Can you identify X?

 This innovative FMT is a fusion between Quiz and Werewolf games that everyone in the world can enjoy, plus a uniquely Japanese punishing game.

 It has been also nominated as a finalist in this year's “Content Asia Awards”, and is the main FMT of ytv's game show, which is attracting increasing attention.

 We are very excited about this honor. We look forward to seeing this format spread its wings around the world and create their own game show.

【Contact Information】

Masahiko Furukawa (Mr.)

International Sales Manager, Content Business Department

Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation (YTV)