Desperate for Love 愛を乞う人 2017

Family History Human Drama Romance

©Harumi Shimoda/KADOKAWA・YTV

The love-starved protagonist, Terue, who was horribly abused by her mother when she was small, and the mother who abused her, Toyoko-a mother who doesn’t know how to love, and a daughter who doesn’t know how to be loved ... This is a stormy, heartbreaking tale on the theme of mother-daughter bonds with a heroine who is searching for lost love.
When Terue, who lives with her high school-aged daughter Migusa, reunites with her estranged younger brother Tekenori, she recalls the memories she suppressed of the abuse she suffered during her early childhood. Then, with encouragement from Migusa, Terue goes to Taiwan in search of the remains of her deceased father, who was from there. On her trip she learns something she never knew about her mother.

©Harumi Shimoda/KADOKAWA・YTV





Ryoko Shinohara