EMBRACING ARTICLE 9 of the Constitution of Japan 9条を抱きしめて ~元米海兵隊員が語る戦争と平和~ 2015


In the 70 years since the end of the war, Japan has never killed anyone outside of Japan as a nation, and no one have been killed. The reason why Japan has been remained as non-war-county was because there was Article 9 of the Constitution that defines the renunciation of war. War is a conflict between nations, but human beings unquestionably are to engage in actual combat. War is nothing but murder and killing one another. Allen Nelson is a former US Marine who served in the Vietnam War. He killed countless number of people on the battlefield, and suffered from PTSD after returning home, but bounced back in the wake of admitting his own mistakes. Article 9 of the Constitution has been the most important philosophy in his lectures which has been started in Japan since 1996. He has continued to appeal for the philosophy of Article 9 as the only way that does not rely on violent way.
Through Nelson’s half a life time and testimony, this questions the role and meaning of Article 9 which has been played in Japan and international community.




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