Artificial Arm: "The hand" gives children hope 「パーの手がしたい」~”筋電義手”の子どもたち~ 2017

Education Heartfelt Human Drama Medical


A story of a boy who was given a hand. Haruki Kami, a seven-year-old boy, is diagnosed with a congenital defect of his left forearm. His parents pin their hopes on a myoelectric arm prosthesis, which can detect muscle tension through the residual limb with its sensor, meaning the robotic hand moves accordingly. It’s a ray of hope for children with such congenital defects. Haruki’s doctor, Takaaki Chin , launched the child myoelectric arm bank to lend out free myoelectric arms to those in need. Dr. Chin visits the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to request public aid for child myoelectric arms. This documentary follows the development of children with the myoelectric arms, as well as the doctor who continues to make great efforts in delivering myoelectric arms to children.



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