Black Familia-The Shindos' Revenge- ブラックファミリア~新堂家の復讐~ 2023

Family Mystery Revenge


Why did the girl have to die? The mother becomes the tycoon's father's lover… The father becomes the tycoon's wife’s hair stylist… The uncle becomes the tycoon's daughter’s Korean tutor… And the sister becomes a journalist investigating the tycoon's son… The family of the high school girl disguise themselves to infiltrate the tycoon's life in order to uncover the truth behind their beloved daughter's death. Revealing shocking truths on the way, this is a story about an imposter family tackling mysteries and seeking revenge! The plot has twists and turns, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats!



  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Yuka Itaya (板谷由夏)
    • Takashi Yamanaka (山中崇)
    • Win Morisaki (森崎ウィン)
    • Risa Watanabe(渡邉理佐)
    • Yuna Hoshino (星乃夢奈)