Trap the Con Man CHEAT ~詐欺師の皆さん、ご注意ください~ 2019~2019

Crime Idol


Saki Hoshino, age 25. The daughter of a legendary conman, and hailed as a genius,she was scouted to join the “Conman Hit-back Expert A-Team”, aka CHEAT. But she has “a little secret” that cannot be revealed. She is an “IDOL”... She has to hide her true self not to be found out that she’s the daughter of a conman. Since she has been playing “a fake version of herself,” she comes across as “fake” even for an idol. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get a following. As a conman investigator, she’s “the first-rate.” But as an idol, she’s a “failure”... Moreover the person assigned as her partner just happens to be an idol-obsessed young detective!



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    • Tsubasa Honda
    • Ren Kiriyama
    • Shunsuke Kazama