Colorful Love~My Androgynous Boyfriend~ カラフラブル ジェンダーレス男子に愛されています 2021

Based on Comic Comedy Dating Romance


Wako works so hard day-in day-out that she’s left her femininity behind. One day, she meets Meguru, a boy with perfect make-up and nails, who instantly confesses his love for her! What exactly is it that draws this unique pair, who look like they could be sisters, together as a couple?

The first half illustrates how the two become a couple, starting from a trial period that eventually leads to them moving in together. Throughout their anxiety-filled, awkward moments and the appearance of other love interests, you’ll be smitten by Meguru’s adorably sweet side and surprised by his sudden strong side, too. You’ll grow increasingly fond of him while also sympathizing with Wako! In the second half when Meguru decides to make his break into the entertainment industry, the world around them changes drastically. As they find themselves increasingly just missing each other, what sort of life will they choose? Moments when these two cuties are off on a date or simply hanging out at home will warmly squeeze your heart and make you question what true partnership really is. Gently comforting the hearts of exhausted women...



  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Media
  • Audio
  • Sub
    Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Ai Yoshikawa (吉川愛)
    • Rihito Itagaki (板垣李光人)