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DETECTIVE CONAN Episode “ONE” 名探偵コナン エピソード“ONE” 小さくなった名探偵 2016

Crime Mystery SHONEN For Children

©GOSHO AOYAMA / Shogakukan,Yomiuri TV,TMS 2016 

The best episode to get to know about Detective Conan.

The all-new Episode“One”is a two-hour special to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Detective Conan TV anime. Sherry (Ai Habara) and the other agents who developed Apotoxin 4869 under orders from the Men in Black are back in a new way, and we also get to see The Detective Boys and Hiroshi Agasa before they meet Conan, as well as Kogoro Mori before Conan moves in with him. Besides that, some mysteries, such as why Shinichi and Ran end up going on that fateful date to Tropical Land, get cleared up. This special gives fans a better understanding of the Detective Conan world, including the charms of the main characters and their connections to the Men in Black.

©GOSHO AOYAMA / Shogakukan,Yomiuri TV,TMS 2016 


  • Duration & Episodes
    92min. x 1
  • Media
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    Traditional Chinese
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