My Husband’s Wives わたし旦那をシェアしてた

Drama Family Mystery Romance


Harumi is a single mother living with her teenage daughter in a luxury apartment.
The apartment is very expensive but she doesn’t rent or own it. It belongs to her “husband”, Kyohei. He comes from a wealthy family who do not allow him to marry a divorced woman. So they just live together like a married couple without being actually married. Although Kyohei is a busy businessman and only visits Harumi from time to time, she is satisfied in this married life.

Until one day, the police visits her apartment to tell her that her beloved husband is killed. Rushing to the hospital, Harumi receives an unexpected truth: her husband has other girlfriends. Two woman, Kanako and Akane, appear in front of her dying husband’s bed. In a coincidence, they are all single mothers.

By the will of their husband, the three single mothers start to live together in a “share house.” And there is another astonishing fact: they have been left 300 million yen but ONLY ONE wife can receive it.

The battle between the wives begins…




  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Media
  • Audio