EVEN -A song for you- EVEN~君に贈る歌~ 2018

Romance Supernatural


RIN is an already extraordinarily popular singer among young generations. He has a girlfriend MAMI who he wants to marry. On the day RIN plans to propose to MAMI, they turn out to argue with each other in an unexpected way. RIN runs out the house and meets a car accident that causes a serious wound on him.
When he finally opens his eyes in the hospital, he finds the body that he is in is not him, it’s a body of a young man TAKETO who also gets involved in the accident. The young man is a vocalist in a band on independent label.
RIN in the TAKETO’s body wants to prove that he is RIN and his love to MAMI never changed. With the band member’s help, the way he does is to create a song for MAMI….






Dori Sakurada (桜田通) (Let Me Eat Your Pancreas)


Goro Kurihara (栗原吾郎)