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GARIGERU つながりファンタジーいつも! ガリゲル 2010

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Are you always connected to others?

When people meet other people, they build connections. Communication is always what’s between two people. From this communication we’ll show you a wonderful tapestry of human relations, and a fantasy that occurs as part of everyday life.

Connect with others (Tsungari), Connect other (Tsunageru) > That’s “GARIGERU”.

1) Carrying Mother
The talent will carry their mother on their back, while the mother listens to a recorded message by the talent through earphones. A sentimental form of “communication” where a child carries their mother on their back without ever directly speaking to her.

2) A journey of thanks throughout Japan
We’ll speak to people on the street, and have them call someone that they’d like to say “thanks” to. And then we’ll go see that person themselves, in the process going through the entire nation of Japan.

3) Stop at every station! A journey of names
We’ll stop at every station on the Nankai Kouya line and ask the people in that town their names, attempting to fill in a list of every letter in the Japanese alphabet.

4) An outsiders Journey through 100 years of Okinawa
We’ll find and interview people who moved to Okinawa from other places in Japan. We’ll ask them how long they’ve lived there, and then advance that many years in kilometers. (10 years would be 10 kilometers.) A journey from Naha to Yonahadake of approximately 100km.

We’re planning on lots of other things too



  • Duration & Episodes
    70+ episodes (30 min)
  • Media
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Akihiro Nishino (King Kong)
    • Nao Yoshida (ytv Announcer)
    • Tsungariizu (VTR Location Actors)
    • Seiji Chihara
    • Ishida (NONSTYLE)
    • Inoue (NONSTYLE)