The WAY OF THE HOUSEHUSBAND: The Cinema 極主夫道 ザ・シネマ 2022

Action Comedy Family

©2022 “The WAY OF THE HOUSEHUSBAND: The Cinema”Film Partners

The most notorious househusband in history appears!! The sinister Yakuza who left behind many legends in the underworld, “The Immortal Dragon”He washed his hands of the Yakuza lifestyle, and the new path he chose...was “househusband”! In the drama, Tatsu handled many things such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, childcare and more. Among all that, the small things known as「Unnamed Housework」became a hot topic. In the never-before-seen narrative, ‘Tacchan’ charmed living rooms everywhere. And now the “ultimate spokesman for housewives(and househusbands) everywhere”, the Yakuza Househusband, returns!

©2022 “The WAY OF THE HOUSEHUSBAND: The Cinema”Film Partners


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    English,Simplified Chinese,Japanese,Korean,Thai
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  • Casts
    • Hiroshi Tamaki (玉木宏)
    • Haruna Kawaguchi (川口春奈)
    • Jun Shison (志尊淳)