Dressing for Success はれのひ シンデレラ~ウェディングドレスを日本へ!ある女性の挑戦~

Special drama


60 years ago, people usually wore kimono at their wedding. Only three percent of brides wore a wedding dress. Who started a bridal business in an age like that and brought great change to accepted wedding culture? Bridal Fashion Designer Yumi Katsura. In those days, it was rare for a woman to wear a wedding dress and rarer still for a woman to work. Yumi Katsura will celebrate her 60th year as a designer in 2024. What has kept her at the forefront of the industry as a game-changing businesswoman? Now, the life of this remarkable woman whose great achievements are recognized by all has been adapted into a docudrama.



  • Duration & Episodes
    85min. × 1
  • Audio
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Rin Takanashi (高梨臨)
    • Kotaro Koizumi (小泉孝太郎)
    • Tomio Umezawa (梅沢富美男)
    • Keiko Toda (戸田恵子)
    • Honami Suzuki (鈴木保奈美)