Hideyoshi’s Kyoto 秀吉が愛した京都 2015

Culture & Lifestyle Travelogue


Because of the history surrounding Osaka Castle, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Japan’s great unifier, is seen as synonymous with Osaka. But Hideyoshi considered Kyoto most important.
Focusing on the Kyoto he loved most, this program searches out Buddhist statues, art works, buildings and places that have either never before been publicly shown or aren’t for general display, such as world heritage site Daigoji, the head temple of the Daigo-ha sect of Shingon Buddhism, and its gardens where Hideyoshi famously organized cherry blossom viewing parties. Using 4K cameras, it beautifully captures Kyoto as seen through Hideyoshi’s eyes for the sake of later generations.



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    1 episode(30min)
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