The Hospital Home: Fighting Cancer With Family “おうち”診療所~がんと闘う子どもたちの願い~ 2015


“Even having cancer, children grow up with smile” with this concept, Child Chemo House, nation’s first pediatric cancer treatment specialized facility, was born in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture. Feature of “Ouchi”, which is launched by a pediatric cancer experienced doctor Juhan Kusunoki (40), is 19 accommodations with, such as Kitchen and bath. Most of the children with cancer live apart from their family and spent a long painful illness in the space of about 6.6 square meters. He made “Ouchi” to change that status quo. By spending time with their family, children smile again, and become positive to receive the treatment. Among them, while Madoka Ueda (15) was temporary wandering the border of the life and death, she has made a dramatic recovery to be able to attend the graduation ceremony of her junior high school. This draw challenges of “Ouchi” which is aiming to establish a new pediatric care by overcoming various walls of the new attempt such as medical fees.




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