I've Seen This! ミテタ 2024

Game Show Quizshow For Woman For Children For Teen

A completely new quiz show with no knowledge required! This studio quiz show, where four players work together to solve the problem. Ten days ago, their solving the quiz at the studio, the four of players took a walk around the streets of Tokyo. In fact, there are quiz hints scattered along the way, and the four of them are sure to see them somewhere. And what they see is also recorded by the eye camera. Then, in the studio, the four players take on a quiz based on their memories and the images from the eye camera. In other words, it's a quiz show where "memory" and "vision" are the keys, as they solve the quizzes by relying on hints they must have seen somewhere!


  • Duration & Episodes
    60min. × 1
  • Sub
  • Casts
    • MC:Yuki Hirako