Do Me When You Come Home 帰ってきたらいっぱいして。 2023

Based on Comic Romance

©Yuma Mashii/Shogakukan/Kaettekitara Ippaishite Project

With his good looks, smooth-talking,mild manners, and reputable job,Naoya Takashiro (age 26) has never had trouble with the ladies. However, because of the loneliness he feels from losing his parents in an accident, he only dates women casually and never commits. That’s until he meets the manga artist on a slippery slope, Akane Fukunaga (age 30). Her series was canceled and now she’s unable to pay rent... Plus, she’s having trouble trying to draw a new women’s erotica manga series. That’s when Naoya proposes to Akane that they live together. Akane agrees but with one condition.“Will you be a reference model for my manga?”How will this unique living situation unfold? A heart-pounding love story between two roommates: an elite younger office worker who plays around with women to suppress the loneliness he feels and the women’s erotic manga artist in her thirties!

©Yuma Mashii/Shogakukan/Kaettekitara Ippaishite Project