Meals with Master Sake Brewers くらびとめし~酒と美食と日本文化~ 2015

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Sake is receiving renewed attention in Japan due to the government’s “Cool Japan” strategy.
Closely related to the food cultures of the regions where it’s produced, the best way to learn about an area’s gourmet secrets is to ask a sake maker! This program does just that, introducing sakes and delicious dishes of the Kansai region, through interviews with master brewers to learn the best dishes to pair with their sakes.
Hyogo Prefecture is Japan’s center of sake brewing, and the Nishiyama Shuzojo has brewed sake in Tamba since the Edo period. Master brewer Korei Yashima discusses mountain food, including Tamba deer and soba dishes.
The town of Ine in Kyoto Prefecture is home to the Mukai Shuzo, where master brewer Kuniko Choukeiji brews sake with her husband. Kuniko introduces us to dishes including Ine amberjack hotpot and boiled perch.




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Ryosei Tayama