The Lunchtime Detective ランチ合コン探偵 2020

Comedy Mystery Romance

©Hiromi Mizuki / Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha / ytv

A delicious lunchtime combo filled with“things that women love”: Group dating, gourmet food, and mysteries! A mystery drama that brings together, these three female favorites! Women in today’s world are extremely busy! They want to meet guys efficiently and seize opportunities that will change their lives!
Introducing a new drama series that’s guaranteed to offer triple the pleasures found during a regular lunch break: the enjoyment of a tasty lunch while looking for that significant other, along with a “mystery to solve” that might serve as an opportunity to start a new life! Guaranteed to give you more than a case of heartburn!

©Hiromi Mizuki / Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha / ytv


  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Media
  • Audio
  • Sub
    Traditional Chinese,Japanese
  • Casts
    • Mizuki Yamamoto (山本美月)
    • Reina Triendl (トリンドル玲奈)
    • Toshiki Seto (瀬戸利樹)