Mt. Koya: Prayers and Treasures 天空の聖地 高野山~名宝に込められた永遠の祈り~ 2015


In year 816, one of Japan’s most revered Buddhist figures Kukai founded a monastery in Mt. Koya, which has been developed into a temple complex, Koyasan. Koyasan draws visitors throughout the world. In celebration of its 1200th anniversary, almost 60 of Koyasan’s greatest treasures are being exhibited at the ABENO HARUKAS Art Museum in Osaka. It is rare for so many of the historical treasures that express Koyasan’s spirit to be gathered in one place, and this program presents the beauty of these objects with the outstanding sense of realism offered by 4K. This program introduces viewers to Koyasan’s special appeal, and investigates Kukai’s teachings and explores the splendor of the works of Unkei, the Buddhist sculptor who is the particular focus of the exhibition. Matsumoto Myokei, a contemporary Buddhist sculptor, says Unkei was sustained by an unquenchable spirit of inquiry regarding humanity, and in particular praises the reality of his statues because of the power of their gaze. “Eternal prayer - that was filling the sky of the Holy Land Koyasan - Meiho”




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