My Family Goes Viral 向かいのバズる家族 2019~2019

Comedy Family Romance


People hides who they reallyare. But social media makes you show your true color. Akari Kagari is a bright young woman, living with her family happily. One day, Akari is filmed dealing with an irritated customer at her coffee shop professionally and becomes famous on the Internet overnight. In fact, she hides her tempter in order to maintain her image. She goes to solo Karaoke and posts her “dark” videos on social media, gaining comfort from her followers. Ashamed of her true self, Akari tries hard to cope with her rising fame while keeping it a secret from her family and Ryota Minato - a man she is secretly in love with. Even though she loves Ryota, who hates social madia, she cannot resist the temprarion to post videos because that's the only way she is able to balance her life. Also, her family is also addicted to social media. Her mother becomes a popular infulencer with her cooking videos. Her father is criticized on the Internet because of the TV series he produced. Her younger brother loves “patrolling” the Internet, giving warnings to people who he thinks are immoral. Triggered by social media, tension and envy build up in her family. Akari decides to help her family from falling apart, along the way, learns to face her true self.



  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
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