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Voluntary Appearance: Can You Tell Me Who You Are? 任意同行願えますか? 2020~2021

Comedy Reality Talk Show

This program dives into surveys of people who work in industries that “seem interesting but have many unknowns.” Looking at the surveys they gathered, the three hosts let their imaginations run wild and select people that particularly stand out to them. They invite the person they chose to represent this industry and enjoy a conversation diving deep into this person’s world. Get ready to enjoy a “human observational documentary variety show” that is packed with lessons, smiles, and laughs!


  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 1 + 55min. × 10 + 39min. × 12
  • Media
  • Audio
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  • Casts
    • Hitori Gekidan (劇団ひとり)
    • First Summer Uika (ファーストサマーウイカ)
    • DJ Matsunaga (DJ松永)