Fictitious girl's diary 架空OL日記 2017

Comedy Human Drama For Women

©2017 「Fictitious girl’s diary」 Film Partners

Work, drink, and love… Life of women in the working society are more than it seems. A popular blog Bakarhythm has been secretly writing as a working lady, is finally out as a drama! Life at work, hanging out with friends, falling in love, and self-improvements; though being a man himself, Bakarhythm’s imaginary blog is highly rated among working women as “fully understating the women’s mind”. Bakarhythm become’s a woman himself and lives the life of a woman working as a bank teller. The drama is filled with scenes that you’ll be able to relate and laugh out loud! With a surprising grand finale, the sky’s the limit for the fictitious world of Bakarhytm. Based on the original novel “Fictitious girl’s diary” by BAKARHYTHM published by Shogakukan Inc.

©2017 「Fictitious girl’s diary」 Film Partners


  • Duration & Episodes
    30min. x 10
  • Media
  • Audio
  • Casts
    • Bakarhythm
    • Kaho
    • Asami Usuda
    • Ryo Sato
    • Maho Yamada