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Japan! A Journey of Welcome ニッポン!おもてなし旅 2011~2012



How will the “welcomer” satisfy the traveler on a weekend getaway trip?

Each time, a “traveler” will visit a different town. There, they will be met by a “welcomer”. The town might be the “welcomer”’s hometown, or a town famous for a hobby they enjoy, or perhaps one they’re not at all familiar with, but one they’ve studied about in hopes of pleasing a “traveler” that they’ve always admired. There will be many different types of “welcomers”. But each one will be a guide responsible for making the trip one “traveler” will never forget.

Each episode the “welcomer” will prepare a “welcome menu” based off of the program’s theme! The theme will be something like “Meet wonderful new people!” “Famous local foods” “Sights you must see” “Things you can only experience here.” “Secret Spots”, etc... The program will be filled with information you can only get here.



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