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The Way of the Osaka Cash ナニワ銭道 2014

Human Drama

©2014 "The Way of the Osaka Cash" Film Partners

Money makes everything possible!
Naniwa is the olden day name given to Osaka, the prosperous mercantile city in the Kansai area of Japan. Yet there are a number of people there experiencing various money problems.
Aoi, who dreams of becoming a manga artist, has a strong sense of justice yet is naive and knows little about the world. Koyabu, his street-smart opposite, is extremely attached to money and well-versed about the law. In a world where money talks the pair sometimes argue, yet at the same time they help each other solve the money problems encountered in this story. In addition to its enjoyment factor, “The Way of the Osaka Cash” also enables viewers to increase their knowledge of legal and financial matters.

©2014 "The Way of the Osaka Cash" Film Partners



  • Duration & Episodes
    1 episode (87 min)
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