PANDA Judges the World シロでもクロでもない世界で、パンダは笑う。 2020

Action Crime Hero Mystery Revenge


Boldly expose hidden dark truths!The streets are swamped with malicious sexual and power harassment, corporate fraud, and corrupt authorities… Amidst the slew of tabloid stories, internet rumors and speculations about these crimes, the truth often remains gray, disappearing into the darkness. But someone dares to break through the unseen barrier protecting these crimes, and boldly expose the truth hidden beneath… This is the story of Miss Panda, a mysterious woman with astonishing physical abilities, and the young mentalist who controls her. Receiving orders from the cryptic man, “Mr. No Compliance,” they turn hazy incidents that the law can’t touch into black and white truths.



  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Media
  • Audio
  • Sub
    English,Traditional Chinese,Japanese
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Nana Seino (清野菜名)
    • Ryusei Yokohama (横浜流星)