Lost and Found しょうもない僕らの恋愛論 2023

Based on Comic Heartfelt Human Drama Romance 60min drama

©Hidenori Hara/Shogakukan/ytv

A man in his forties is struggling with life and his career, until the 17-year-old daughter of his first love from 20 years ago appears unexpectedly. "I wanted to meet the man that my mom was in love with..." Bewildered by this encounter, he remembers the promise he made, but couldn’t keep, with his first love all those years ago... Maybe the problems he’s facing now are all linked to the mistakes of his past? Realizing that he’s emotionally shaken has after finally starting to confront his unfinished past, he begins opening doors he had previously thought were closed for good... When you’re midway through life, you stop and think... A touching drama about the importance of living honestly!

©Hidenori Hara/Shogakukan/ytv