Spinning Around My Whirl 自転しながら公転する 2023

Based on Novel Family Human Drama Romance

©Fumio Yamamoto, Shinchosha/ytv

Having had her dreams broken, Miyako, age 30, returns to her hometown in Ibaraki from Tokyo. As her friends are getting married or getting an older boyfriend, she meets 29 year old Kanichi, a gentle but financially unstable guy. But even with a boyfriend, dating is different than when she was in her 20s. She wonders whether it’s better to get married, if she has a future giving birth and raising children. On top of that, the burden of caring for her parents also falls on her before she knew it. The same goes for work. Becoming a full-time employee would give her a bigger paycheck, but that would come with responsibilities, as well as a problematic workplace complete with a boss that sexually harasses her. Lacking decisiveness and going back and forth between resignation and hope, Miyako hesitantly but surely pursues happiness. As she gets to know the feelings of Kanichi and of her parents, she, who had kept looking away from unpleasant things and running away, reexamines her life.

©Fumio Yamamoto, Shinchosha/ytv