The Mysterious House Plans 見取り図の間取り図ミステリー 2021~2023

Comedy Quizshow Talk Show For Woman For Teen

We’re all familiar with house plans, and we’re also curious what other people’s house plans look like. However, there are “mysterious house plans” out there that make us do a double take at them. Hosted by the comedy duo whose name happens to be Mitorizu (“floor plan”), this show asks the guests to try and solve the “mysteries” of various house plans in a quiz format. Mitorizu presents house plans with “mysterious features” that are unique and unheard of. Then we uncover what those features are as we enter and investigate the actual houses. What you’ll see will blow your mind! But what made the owners come up with such house plans? Digging deeper, we discover the ways each owner cares about their family. It’s funny at times, but also touching. Check out the quirky house plans and learn how other families decided their priorities, as well as their heartwarming love!