Texting in Tokyo LINEの答えあわせ

Dating Drama Romance

Ⓒ2020 "Texting in Tokyo" Production Committee

Those who master the art of texting shall master love...
A “Ready-to-use Romcom” comes to life, here and now for everyone who’s struggling with love!

Letters have always been a method for humans to express their emotions towards one another. Today, writing letters have been replaced by texting through SNS and messaging apps. In the multiple texts we send daily, have you ever thought about the text you just sent could be giving a bad impression? A simple text that you send every day, “I had a long day at work today” could be tiring your partner!

Fear not, this drama is here to save you from your troubles!

The drama takes place in Tokyo, where a group of men and women meet at a weekend cooking class. All the characters have a different background and a bitter love life caused by texting. We’ll see what does on behind each text and find out the successful way to acquire love!

A brand new drama series targets for all men and women out there!
This might just be you’re a hint to get your reply from him/her.

Ⓒ2020 "Texting in Tokyo" Production Committee



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