The Friends 夏の庭 1994

Family Human Drama


An award-winning film by Shinji Somai. Jun, spectacled Watanabe, and plump Yamashita make up a trio of sixth-grade boys who come to understand death for the first time during their summer vacation. When Yamashita’s grandmother dies, the boys go to stay with the grandfather to help him out. During their stay, they hear the grandfather’s stories about the war, losing his wife, and facing the reality of living his last days alone. The boys’ experience that summer stays with them forever, as they gain a more adult perspective on life and death, and a greater value for their own friendships.



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  • Casts
    • Rentaro Mikuni (三國連太郎)
    • Naoki Sakata (坂田直樹)
    • Taiki Oh (王泰貴)
    • Kenichi Makino (牧野憲一)
    • Naho Toda (戸田菜穂)