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PLAY INNOCENT 騙し合いバトルロワイヤル THE完全犯罪 2021

Family Game Show Quizshow


A new TV show combining a quiz game and a werewolf begins!
A team of four players takes part in a quiz. The problems are three-choice questions, and the competitors must discuss each one of them in order to choose a correct answer.
However, there is a Black among them. The Black knows the answers to all of the questions, but their goal is to mislead the team members so that they get all the answers wrong.
In other words, this isn’t simply a quiz, but also a werewolf game! Will the werewolf be clever enough to deceive their teammates and cause them to get all the answers wrong? Or will the rest of the players be able to see through the werewolf’s lies and choose the right answer?






Hironari Yamazaki (山崎弘也)


Hidetsugu Shibata (柴田 英嗣)