Me and Japanese UMA Girl ボクとツチノ娘の1ヶ月 2021



The first-ever TV series starring a good-looking guy and a Japanese mythical creature in human form! This is also the first time Masanari Wada, a popular 2.5D actor, and Atsuko Hashiyasume, a member of punk rock vocal band BiSH, appear in leading roles.

The comedy story is told by the protagonist (myself) and the creature tsuchinoko!

I (Masanari Wada) suddenly find myself in an enormous amount of debt- 100.000.000 yen. I decide to become a YouTuber to pay it off, and even though I’m learning by watching other channels, the number of views on my videos is still zero! As I opened the closet to grab a bottle of sake to drown my sorrows, right before my eyes appear a mythical snake with a human face - tsuchinoko (Atsuko Hashiyasume)! And she just happens to be shedding her skin! She screams and calls me a perv and such, but the only thing that concerns me at the moment is how can I use her to increase the number of views on my YouTube channel. As I proceed to implement my plan, tsuchinoko gains surprising popularity... Will I really be able to repay the debt?! What outcome awaits us in the end?!



  • Duration & Episodes
    11min. x 4
  • Media
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  • Casts
    • Masanari Wada (和田雅成)
    • Hashiyasume Atsuko (ハシヤスメ・アツコ(BiSH))