The Winning Script 勝利の法廷式 2023

Crime Emotional Human Drama Mystery


Ran Kagura (age 29) was once a talented child performer. She grew up and became an attorney, but she couldn’t save her best friend who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Ran has disappeared from the legal circles since then. A year later, an online legal column catches people’s attention. It is written by someone by the same name, Ran Kagura, who is now widely praised as an outstanding and undefeated attorney. Then the author of the column shows up before Ran. The mysterious man introduces himself as Jin Kurosawa (age 40) and the “genius scriptwriter.” Ran decides to go back to law and, with the help of Jin’s scriptwriting skill, prove her best friend’s innocence. There is the mystery surrounding the case of Ran’s best friend whom she once failed, and another mystery that Jin seems to hold. The two mysteries intertwine, their truths gradually come to light, and they eventually lead to one bigger case.
“Act out the invincible script and overturn everything in this world.”
The former child star turned never-give-up attorney and the brusque “genius” scriptwriter make an unlikely pair, and they work together to find the truths buried “between the lines.” What they save is the future of those seeking help!
This is a completely original theatrical legal mystery series!



  • Duration & Episodes
    55min. × 10
  • Media
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Mirai Shida(志田未来)
    • Shunsuke Kazama(風間俊介)
    • Yuto Takahashi(髙橋優斗)