YATTERMAN anime the movie 劇場版 ヤッターマン 新ヤッターメカ大集合!オモチャの国で大決戦だコロン! 2009

Comedy Sci-Fi For Children For Children

©Tatsunoko Production/Yatterman Film Partners 2009

“A movie that will win the hearts of children and parents alike!”

The Yatterman crew are invited to the Toy Kingdom, where they visit the “Toy Land” toy theme park and encounter Plamon Prince and King and Pa-zule Minister. While they are having fun with the selfish but lonely Plamon Prince, a mysterious machine, the Yatter Zero attacks the Yatter One. Will they be able to stop the sinister plans of Pa-zule Minister, who aims to rule the world?

©Tatsunoko Production/Yatterman Film Partners 2009


  • Duration & Episodes
    94min. × 1
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