YAUNPE  ヤウンペを探せ︕ 2020

Comedy Friendship

©2019 "YAUNPE" Production Committee

The cute girl told us "What I need right now is YAUNPE. There's nothing I want more." "Got it. We'll be sure to find YAUNPE for you!" We four middle-aged men speak up. Reunited after 20 years, the four members of our film study group accept a request from Misa, the star of our old independent film. Wrinkled over-40 bachelors who've never lived the kind of lives we once imagined, hoping... If I can grant Misa's request, maybe she'll marry me..."I won't lose to him!" "I'll be the one to get it done!" The four of us come alive at the sudden assignment. But, us old farts were all thinking... "...the hell is YAUNPE!?" However, with our aging pride in the way, none of us can straight-out ask "What's YAUNPE?" We act like we know what's going on, but can the four of us even find YAUNPE? And, just what is YAUNPE anyway? We pitiful men set out to find YAUNPE for the woman we desire. Thus, desperately struggling, desperately running wild, we begin our somewhat foolish, somewhat romantic adventure!

©2019 "YAUNPE" Production Committee


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    • Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
    • Tetsuhiro Ikeda
    • Satoru Matsuo
    • Daisuke Miyagawa
    • Misako Renbutsu