FORMAT Non-Scripted

The Delicious Journey 言われるマンマ 2012

Cooking & Food Culture & Lifestyle Game Show Reality Travelogue


A travelogue searching for the best dish of your life. This reality show questions people on the street, “What' is the dish that you would really like to get the chance to eat again?” The answers are simple, such as, “I’d like to eat the sushi I ate on my trip to Hokkaido.” Once an answer is given, whether they like it or not, a group of celebrity travelers must go to that site and eat that dish. They are not allowed to eat or drink anything on the way (except for water). Once they eat the dish, they must call the person who told them about the dish to thank them, and to confirm whether the dish is the correct one.
The ultimate goal is to cover all prefectures in the country. This is gourmet dining with a personal touch and precious memories. It will be harsh, but it will be a delicious journey to remember!

In 2013, a special episode of “The Delicious Journey” Thai version was coproduced with Thai terrestrial TV channel BEC World, Channel 3 . The episode received top viewer ratings in the same time zone in Thailand.



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    30min.× 33+
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