FORMAT Non-Scripted

Fake Family クイズ!赤の他人は誰だ!? 2008

Culture & Lifestyle Detective Family Game Show Quizshow Reality


A family visit with a quiz-like twist! In this show, a reporter visits a happy family, but one of the family members is actually an actor who is only pretending! The family and the actor spend the day together to try and trick the studio panelists in order to win a prize. The celebrity reporter visiting the family must also try to figure out who doesn’t belong. The family is questioned and observed for the day as they share a meal and talk about their family history. Will someone slip up? Or will your powers of deduction allow you to see who is the fake?

Strangely enough, every episode sees the family members unable to control their tears as they say goodbye to the actor at the end of the day. This heartwarming game show shows the wonder of humanity.



  • Duration & Episodes
    30min. x 48+
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