REPEAT リピート ~運命を変える10か月~ 2018

Human Drama Mystery Romance Supernatural

©Inui Kurumi, Bungeishunju/Yomiuri TV

What if you could have another go on some events in life? One day, librarian Ayumi receives a mysterious phone call from a strange man named Kazama, who tells her that an earthquake is going to happen at 6:45pm. She thinks it’s just a joke, however an earthquake really does happen at exactly 6:45pm! Kazama calls again and tells Ayumi that he can foresee future events because he has traveled back in time from 10 months in the future. He invites Ayumi to join what he calls the “REPEAT” project. Including Kazama and Ayumi, there are nine members in the project. But then, members mysteriously start dying off one after another...
※Based on original novel by “Kurumi Inui”, published by Bungeishunju, Tokyo.
The license of the original novel was arranged and cooperated by Bungeishunju.

©Inui Kurumi, Bungeishunju/Yomiuri TV


  • Duration & Episodes
    55min.x 10
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