REPEAT リピート ~運命を変える10か月~

Drama Human Drama Romance

©Inui Kurumi, Bungeishunju/Yomiuri TV

Almost everyone has a secret desire of giving another try on some events in life.
Ayumi is not an exception. She is a librarian and has a boyfriend. One day, she received a mysterious phone call from a stranger man named "Kazama".

He told her "there will be an earthquake an hour later at 6:45pm". She thought it was just a joke, however an earthquake really happened exactly at 6:45pm! And Ayumi's phone rang again, it was Kazama who called an hour ago. He told Ayumi that he was able to foresee the future events as he did a time travel to 10 months ago. He calls it “REPEAT” and invited Ayumi as a member for the “REPEAT” project.

The members of this project was consisted of 9 people including Kazama himself and Ayumi. Strangely, the members dies one after another mysteriously…

Being placed in such extreme situation, Ayumi and one of the member Keisuke confront together, and gradually attracted to each other.

※Based on original novel by “Kurumi Inui”, published by Bungeishunju, Tokyo.
The license of the original novel was arranged and cooperated by Bungeishunju.

©Inui Kurumi, Bungeishunju/Yomiuri TV



  • Duration & Episodes
    60’x 10 episodes
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