Secret Alliance シークレット同盟 2024

Based on Comic Romance

Shian is a college girl with a severe case of androphobia, who prefers her own company. The somewhat lonely girl has stunning looks that make all the other girls on the campus swoon over her. Suddenly, Ritsuko, a pretty freshman girl who’s been garnering a lot of attention, admits that she has feelings for her. But the thing is, there’s something strange, maybe even dangerous about her... Some time passes, and one day Shian takes up a part-time job to become independent from her meddling mother. There, she meets the head chef Hasumi, the only guy that she feels she can trust. However, as she finds out later, he’s a terrible womanizer who’s been seducing every girl at their workplace. A tangled story with twists and turns revolving around a male crossdresser, stalking, and a love triangle. The main characters may be twisted, but it’s their flawed personalities that make them so fascinating.
An intense “love and hate” story unlike any other!


  • Duration & Episodes
    30min. × 12
  • Audio
  • Japanese Official Site
  • Casts
    • Airi Matsui (松井愛莉)
    • Ryota Nagano (長野凌大)
    • Reo Nagatsuma (長妻玲央)