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All Chained up! チェーンアスロン 2016

Game Show Reality


“The ultimate friendship race! Friends over Money or Money over Friends?”

The groups of 4 friends that are chained together are put to a challenge on an extreme race. The groups are left stranded in a random place without any money but each other. The first group that’s reaches the designated goal receives the prize money. However, the race is not as simple, along the way ONIRED (the red demon) gives missions that challenges the bond within the group. Additionally, ONIRED gives them a “judge card” to vote for anyone they want to remove from the group. The challenge doesn’t end there, once the group wins the prize, they get an option of whether they want to split the prize or take all of it for themselves. Will the contestants take friendship or will they take the money?




  • Duration & Episodes
    55’ x 1 episode
  • Media