Michan’s Sweets Shop: Selective Mutism and Her Dream みいちゃんのお菓子工房 ~場面緘黙症 少女の夢~ 2022

Cooking & Food Family Medical For Woman For Teen


Mizuki Suginohara, a 14 years old girl called “Mi-chan”, lives in Omi Hachiman city and has Selective Mutism. She can talk with her family but cannot with others in public. In addition, she cannot even move when in a state of heightened stress. Although she ceased going to school when she was 10 years old, she suddenly showed an incredible talent for making sweets. Thanks to her family’s help, she opened her own sweets shop; Mie’s Sweets Factory. However, she is changing gradually as the shop is getting popular… She has a dream to make people happy with her cakes while her family wishes for her independence. This is a story of a girl with Selective Mutism, with which only one in 500 people is diagnosed, and her family.

56rd HOUSTON international film festival -Gold Remi Award
New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2023 Silver Award



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    60mins x 1
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