Son of a Man Condemned: Letters with My Dad, My Mother's Killer 死刑囚の子 殺された母と、殺した父へ 2013


March 2000. Sixth grader Hiroto Oyama is happy when his father suggests going fishing at night, yet his mother remains quiet on the way. That night, Hiroto hears something fall into the sea, and his mother’s body is later discovered floating in the water. Hiroto’s father has murdered her for insurance money, repeating an earlier crime in which he killed his foster-father for the same reason. Hiroto, both the son of the murderer and the son of the victim, becomes estranged from society. He feels intense hatred for his father and attempts suicide. When Hiroto visits his father for the first time in three-and-a-half years, he finds his father has declined physically. In 2011, the Supreme Court upholds his father’s conviction and death sentence. Hiroto’s mental and physical anguish reaches its peak. Hiroto's father has conflicting emotions about seeing his son, impacting on his will to live. However Hiroto has only one thought ? that his father should stay alive and atone for his crime.




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    1 episode(30min)
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