The Lives of Tomorrow つなぐ。命を未来へ・・・医師たちの6か月 2012


The sites of the 3.11 earthquake in Tohoku was a region with a high population of the elderly, therefore always lacking doctors even before the disaster. With the majority of medical centers destroyed in the earthquake, the few hospitals that survived left nurses and doctors in never ending shifts. 6 months from the disaster, the recovery process is slow, and medical problems have become critical. In Miyako-shi of Iwate, one doctor creates a temporary medical center, even though he himself has lost everything in the disaster. Collecting any left over medicine, he continues to treat patients. In Ishinomaki-shi of Miyagi, plans of hospital reconstruction are still at halt, therefore impossible to introduce patients coming to the temporary medical center, to actual hospitals.
In Fukushima, with the nuclear disaster at hand, residents are suffering serious medical conflicts but...
In this documentary the future of medicine at disaster sites are examined as it is essential for proper restoration.



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