Trains that carry lives ~10 years after the Japan Railways’ derailment accident, the struggle of those left behind continues~
命を運ぶ電車 ~JR脱線事故10年 遺族の執念~


“Never let such a tragic accident happen rather than again.” with this thought, the bereaved family have kept working while holding a suffering for the past 10 years. It is said that JR Fukuchiyama line derailment accident is the worst Japanese railway history. It occurred on April 25, 2005, fluttering late-blooming cherry blossoms. Yasakazu Asano (73) in Takarazuka city, Hyogo Prefecture lost his wife and younger sister and his second daughter Naho (42) was seriously injured from this accident. Naho still can not take the train. Asano has been holding his feeling as a victim for the past decade, and pursuing a “safety” with JR. On the other hand, some bereaved aim to establish a criminal justice to ask the sins of the company. Shigemi Omori (66) who lost her oldest daughter has been thinking “the current law judging only the individual has limit.” and continuing to open the study seminars. This follows the tenacity of the bereaved family to ensure its “railway safety.”




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