Trains that Carry Lives: 10 Years After the Japan Railways’ Derailment Accident 命を運ぶ電車~JR脱線事故10年・遺族の執念~ 2015

Heartfelt Human Drama


One of the worst accidents in Japanese railway history: the Amagasaki rail crash. With over 100 deaths, the Amagasaki rail crash is one of the worst accidents in Japanese railway history. "We will never let such a tragic accident happen again." This sentiment has carried the bereaved families through their suffering as they continue to work for the past 10 years. Yasakazu Asano lost his wife and sister in the accident, and his daughter Naho was seriously injured. Naho to this day still cannot get on the train. Asano has felt the victim for the past decade, and continues to advocate for further safety measures from JR . Meanwhile, other bereaved families are seeking justice with criminal charges laid against the company. Shigemi Omori , who lost her daughter in the accident, believes that the current laws are limited. This documentary follows the tenacity of the bereaved families working to ensure railway safety.



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